This was taken at the Blue Glacier at the end of the Hoh river trail in Washington State. 

I have been working with metals since 1992 making a variety of products: silver chains, titanium chains, gold chains, lathe turned beads, key chains and spinning tops. Each one of my products is hand built or machined and whenever possible, I make every component that I can. 

 Beginning in 1992, I started learning the basics of making chainmail armor and jewelry, working primarily with galvanized steel and copper wire. This eventually turned into working with stainless steel, brass, bronze, and copper through my college years (1994-1998 at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY).

 Late in 1999, at the urging of some friends, I began working with sterling silver and concentrating on smaller items in addition to the armor. This led to branching out with chain mail patterns and making items with an ever smaller scale.

 In 2001, after enrolling at the Maryland College of Art’s continuing studies jewelry program, silver jewelry became my main material focus. While taking classes there I learned about Loop in Loop and other ancient chains. While working in Baltimore city, MD I was lucky enough to work across the street from the Walters Art Museum and took any opportunity to view their collections of ancient and medieval work to use as inspiration for my work.

 During this time I picked up my first metal lathe, an Atlas 618. This was my first experience with turning metal. After a couple small titanium fires (we all have to start somewhere!), I started making metal beads and other small turned objects.

 In 2013 I made the move to Asheville, NC and found that it was time to upgrade some of my equipment (always and ongoing process) and purchased a Southbend 10K lathe that has opened the doors to larger and more complex assemblies. This lathe has allowed me to broaden my material selections (brass, bronze, copper, G10, iron, micarta, mokume gane, silver, titanium, Timascus, and zirconium).  

Any given day will find me tinkering with new designs, different materials, product prototypes, and custom commissions. I love to hear from my clients via email, Facebook, and Instagram.