Is anyone interested in some Ash arrows?


While vending at the West Asheville Medieval Market I was surprised by the interest in the arrows I have made in the past and the bows I shoot with. I'm thinking about making some arrows for sale in the near future.

I generally make my arrows from 3/8" diameter ash with a parallel shaft and use commercially available fletching and field points and cut them to the correct length. I've done a couple small runs of tapered shaft arrows on the nock end. Each arrow is made by hand, from selecting the lumber, turning it into dowels, fletching, and installing the nocks and points.

Since I make the arrow shafts I have plenty of control on what will pass muster and also the ability to make special orders, i.e. non standard lengths and diameters, different tapers, and other assorted details.

Please post if you have any interest or want to let others know.